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US: ATIS - Secure Wireless Internet (ITS)


This solution is used within the U.S.. It combines standards associated with US: ATIS with those for I-M: Secure Wireless Internet (ITS). The US: ATIS standards include upper-layer standards required to implement traveler information communications. The I-M: Secure Wireless Internet (ITS) standards include lower-layer standards that support secure communications between two entities, either or both of which may be mobile devices, but they must be stationary or only moving within wireless range of a single wireless access point (e.g., a parked car). Security is based on X.509 or IEEE 1609.2 certificates. A non-mobile (if any) endpoint may connect to the service provider using any Internet connection method.

Comm Profile: I-M: Secure Wireless Internet (ITS)

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Data Profile: US: ATIS

Standards in Profile:

Readiness Description:

One serious or several significant issues. This category often includes proprietary or partial solutions. The communications solution may fail to provide even a base level of interoperability and security. Consider alternative solutions, or define specific revisions or upgrades that would provide a level of interoperability or security that are needed for the deployment.

Last Updated 3/22/2022