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Jacksonville RTC

Status: Ongoing

Description: Jacksonville Regional Transportation Center (RTC) is a regional multi–modal hub located in the Downtown LaVilla area, that will integrate key local, regional and intercity service in one location. It will improve connectivity between modes including local bus, bus rapid transit (BRT) and Skyway; regional bus and future commuter rail service; and intercity bus and passenger rail service. Phase I which includes an Intercity Bus Facility (Greyhound) is complete and Greyhound operations commenced in April 2018. Phase II will include JTA Administrative Offices including other amenities such as parking, pedestrian bridge over W. Forsyth St., sidewalk improvements. Additional improvements include supervisor/driver's area, restrooms, customer service, passenger waiting lobby, kiss–n–ride, taxi, car share and bike share. Future Phases may include Amtrak, commuter rail or additional Intercity Rail.

Stakeholder: Jacksonville Transportation Authority

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Jacksonville RTC flows into icon Amtrak Passenger Train System Jacksonville RTC flows into icon Inter-City Bus System Jacksonville RTC flows into icon Jacksonville Transit Fixed-Route Systems Jacksonville RTC flows into icon JTA U2C Management System Amtrak Passenger Train Systemflows into iconJacksonville RTC Inter-City Bus Systemflows into iconJacksonville RTC Jacksonville Transit Fixed-Route Systemsflows into iconJacksonville RTC JTA U2C Management Systemflows into iconJacksonville RTC

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Last Updated 5/24/2024