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Status: Existing

Description: The FDOT Statewide Express Lanes Software (SELS) is connected to the FTE SunPass Tolling Collection System (defined in the FTE RITSA) providing a rate table that the FDOT District TMCs use to match tolls based on congestion levels. For SunGuide to SELS to FTE tolling: FTE interfaces directly with toll gantries (FTE Toll Plazas).

Stakeholder: FDOT CO

Systems Interconnected
with the FDOT SELS

Architecture Flow Diagrams
which include FDOT SELS:

Architecture Flows
to/from the FDOT SELS:

FDOT SELS flows into icon FDOT District 2 RTMC FDOT SELS flows into icon FTE SunPass Toll Collection System FTE SunPass Toll Collection Systemflows into iconFDOT SELS

National ITS Architecture Subsystems
mapped to the FDOT SELS:

National ITS Architecture Services
associated with FDOT SELS:

Last Updated 5/24/2024