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County Paratransit Vehicles

Status: Existing

Description: A generic element representing the ITS equipment installed on the transit vehicles that do not operate on fixed routes or schedules, offering door to door service in the region. and are owned and operated by a County. Capabilities may include passenger counting, transit scheduling, and fare management.

Stakeholder: County Paratransit

Systems Interconnected
with the County Paratransit Vehicles

Architecture Flow Diagrams
which include County Paratransit Vehicles:

Architecture Flows
to/from the County Paratransit Vehicles:

County Paratransit Vehicles flows into icon County Paratransit Systems County Paratransit Systemsflows into iconCounty Paratransit Vehicles

National ITS Architecture Subsystems
mapped to the County Paratransit Vehicles:

National ITS Architecture Services
associated with County Paratransit Vehicles:

Last Updated 5/24/2024