FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Service Packages For: APTS - APTS03-5_D5

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List of Elements on this Diagram
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Element Name Stakeholder
VOTRAN Transit Dispatch VOTRAN
VOTRAN Transit Vehicles VOTRAN

List of Stakeholder Elements and Roles on this Diagram
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Stakeholder Element Name Functional Area/Role Functional Area Description
VOTRAN VOTRAN Transit Dispatch Transit Center Paratransit Operations This equipment package manages demand responsive transit services, including paratransit services. It supports planning and scheduling of these services, allowing paratransit and other demand response transit services to plan efficient routes and better estimate arrival times. This equipment package also supports automated dispatch of paratransit vehicles and tracks passenger pick-ups and drop-offs. Customer service operator systems are updated with the most current schedule information.
VOTRAN VOTRAN Transit Vehicles On-board Paratransit Operations This on-board equipment package forwards paratransit and flexible-route dispatch requests to the operator and forwards acknowledgements to the center. It coordinates with, and assists the operator in managing multi-stop runs associated with demand responsive transit services including paratransit. The equipment package collects transit vehicle passenger data and makes it available to the center.

List of Flows on this Diagram
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Source Element Architecture Flow Destination Element
VOTRAN Transit Dispatch demand responsive transit plan VOTRAN Website
VOTRAN Transit Dispatch transit and fare schedules VOTRAN Website
VOTRAN Transit Dispatch transit schedule adherence information VOTRAN Website
VOTRAN Website demand responsive transit request VOTRAN Transit Dispatch
VOTRAN Website selected routes VOTRAN Transit Dispatch
VOTRAN Transit Dispatch transit vehicle operator information VOTRAN Transit Vehicles
VOTRAN Transit Vehicles demand response passenger and use data VOTRAN Transit Dispatch