FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Service Packages For: ATMS - ATMS09-1_D5

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List of Elements on this Diagram
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Element Name Stakeholder
SunPass Customer Service Center Floridas Turnpike Enterprise
FDOT District 5 Field Equipment FDOT District 5

List of Stakeholder Elements and Roles on this Diagram
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Stakeholder Element Name Functional Area/Role Functional Area Description
FDOT D5/FHP FDOT District 5 RTMC TMC Demand Management Coordination This equipment package provides the capability to gather information on regional toll, parking, and transit usage and request changes to pricing and other mechanisms to manage overall transportation demand.
FDOT D5/FHP FDOT District 5 RTMC TMC Traffic Network Performance Evaluation This equipment package measures traffic network performance and predicts travel demand patterns to support traffic flow optimization, demand management, and incident management. This equipment package collects traffic data from sensors and surveillance equipment as well as input from other traffic management centers, emissions management, transit operations, and event promoters and uses this information to measure traffic network performance. It collects route planning information from information service providers and integrates and uses this information to predict future traffic conditions. The planned control strategies can be passed back to the Information Service Provider so that the intended strategies can be reflected in future route planning.
FDOT D5/FHP FDOT District 5 RTMC TMC Traffic Management Decision Support This equipment package recommends courses of action to the traffic operator based on current and forecast road and traffic conditions. Traffic incidents, special events, maintenance activities and other events or conditions that impact capacity or demand are monitored. Historical data and models are used to compare the impact of potential courses of action and make recommendations to the operator. Decisions are supported through presentation of filtered and fused network-wide road and traffic conditions that identify network imbalances and recommended courses of action. The recommended actions may include predefined incident response plans, signal timing plan changes, DMS/HAR messages, truck restrictions, lane control strategies, metering strategies, and adjustment of variable speed limits. Multimodal strategies may also be recommended that include suggested transit strategies and suggested route and mode choices for travelers. Once a course of action is selected, other equipment packages implement these actions within the traffic management center and coordinate the response with other centers in the region.

List of Flows on this Diagram
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Source Element Architecture Flow Destination Element
FDOT District 5 RTMC traffic sensor control FDOT District 5 Field Equipment
FDOT District 5 Field Equipment traffic flow FDOT District 5 RTMC
SunPass Customer Service Center toll service change response FDOT District 5 RTMC
FDOT District 5 RTMC toll service change request SunPass Customer Service Center