FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Service Packages For: Travelers - APTS04-06_D5

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List of Elements on this Diagram
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Element Name Stakeholder
Electronic Payment Card Travelers
VOTRAN Transit Dispatch VOTRAN
VOTRAN Transit Vehicles VOTRAN
Financial Institutions Financial Institutions

List of Stakeholder Elements and Roles on this Diagram
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Stakeholder Element Name Functional Area/Role Functional Area Description
VOTRAN VOTRAN Transit Dispatch Transit Center Fare Management This equipment package manages fare collection and passenger load management at the transit center. It provides the back office functions that support transit fare collection, supporting payment reconciliation with links to financial institutions and enforcement agencies for fare violations. It collects data required to determine accurate ridership levels, establish fares, and distribute fare information. This equipment package loads fare data into the vehicle prior to the beginning of normal operations and unloads fare collection data from the vehicle at the close out of normal operations.
VOTRAN VOTRAN Transit Vehicles On-board Transit Fare Management This on-board equipment package supports fare collection using a standard fare card or other non-monetary fare medium and detects payment violations. Collected fare data are made available to the center.

List of Flows on this Diagram
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Source Element Architecture Flow Destination Element
VOTRAN Transit Vehicles fare collection data VOTRAN Transit Dispatch
VOTRAN Transit Vehicles request for bad tag list VOTRAN Transit Dispatch
Financial Institutions transaction status VOTRAN Transit Dispatch
VOTRAN Transit Dispatch payment request Financial Institutions
VOTRAN Transit Vehicles request for payment Electronic Payment Card
Electronic Payment Card payment VOTRAN Transit Vehicles
VOTRAN Transit Dispatch bad tag list VOTRAN Transit Vehicles