FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Interconnect: County EOCs/Warning Points - FTE Operations Center (Turkey Lake)

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County EOCs/Warning Points - FTE Operations Center (Turkey Lake)

(E) = Existing Flow
(P) = Planned/Future Flow
(E/P) = Existing and Planned Flow - Flow appears as Existing and Planned
SourceArchitecture FlowsDestination
County EOCs/Warning Points maint and constr resource request (P)
evacuation information (P)
transportation system status (P)
emergency traffic control request (P)
emergency plan coordination (P)
threat information (P)
alert notification (P)
resource request (P)
incident response status (P)
incident information (P)
FTE Operations Center (Turkey Lake)
FTE Operations Center (Turkey Lake) maint and constr resource response (P)
road network status assessment (P)
emergency traffic control information (P)
emergency plan coordination (P)
alert status (P)
traffic images (P)
road network conditions (P)
resource deployment status (P)
incident information (P)
County EOCs/Warning Points