FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Element: Other Public Safety Communications and Dispatch Centers

Description: This element represents the connection to other state (FHP and FDLE), County (Sheriff and Fire Rescue), and Local (municipal police and fire departments) law enforcement, fire, and EMS call taker and dispatch centers. It may include campus law enforcement providers, volunteer fire/rescue departments, federal law enforcement agencies, federal homeland security agencies, and other centers established for major incidents. This element is used in the architecture to show a consistent interface for the exchange of data between public safety systems that supports incident notification, hand-offs, resource coordination, and incident response coordination. Communication between these centers uses a mesh topology - any emergency management center can communicate directly with any other emergency management center. Note that this element also represents interfaces to emergency management centers in adjacent jurisdictions that also coordinate during major incidents.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: Regional Public Safety Agencies
Functional Areas:
(Linked to Functional Requirements)

ITS elements that are mapped only to terminators do not have ITS functional requirements allocated to them.


County EOCs/Warning Points
County Fire EMS/Rescue Dispatch
County Sheriff Dispatch
FHP Troop D Dispatch
Local Fire/EMS Dispatch
Local Police Dispatch
Private/Public Ambulance Dispatch
Service Packages: EM01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch - Florida Highway Patrol
EM01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch - Local Dispatch
EM01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch - County Dispatch
EM06 - Wide-Area Alert - County EOCs (2 of 3)
EM07 - Early Warning System - County EOCs (1 of 3)
EM08 - Disaster Response and Recovery - County EOCs (1 of 4)
EM09 - Evacuation and Reentry Management - County EOCs (1 of 3)
Mapping: Emergency Management
Other Emergency Management