FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Element: VTRACS Transit Management

Description: Collectively, the systems used to support the VTRACS program. Components include benefits qualification systems, payment systems, scheduling and dispatch systems, and maintenance systems.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: Veterans Transportation Resource and Community Services (VTRACS)
Functional Areas:
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Transit Center Fare Management
Transit Center Information Services
Transit Center Multi-Modal Coordination

Central Florida Data Warehouse
County and City Roadway Maintenance and Construction Systems
County EOCs/Warning Points
County Sheriff Dispatch
Financial Institutions
Florida 511
Local EOCs
Local Police Dispatch
Local Transit Operator Systems
LYNX On-Demand Transit Management
LYNX Transportation Center
MetroPlan Transportation Data Collection System
Private Sector Traveler Information Services
Regional Transit Fare Coordination Network
Transit Stops/Stations Equipment
Veterans Services
VTRACS Transit Vehicle
VTRACS Website
Service Packages: AD1 - ITS Data Mart - MetroPlan Transportation Data Collection System (2 of 2)
AD2 - ITS Data Warehouse - Central Florida Data Warehouse (2 of 2)
APTS04 - Transit Fare Collection Management - Regional Transit Fare Coordination Network
APTS04 - Transit Fare Collection Management - VTRACS
APTS05 - Transit Security - VTRACS
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - Local Transit Operators
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - LYNX On-Demand Transit Management
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - LYNX Operations Center
APTS08 - Transit Traveler Information - VTRACS
ATIS01 - Broadcast Traveler Information - Florida 511 / Private ISPs (2 of 3)
EM06 - Wide-Area Alert - County EOCs (3 of 3)
EM07 - Early Warning System - Local EOCs (2 of 2)
EM07 - Early Warning System - County EOCs (3 of 3)
EM08 - Disaster Response and Recovery - County EOCs (4 of 4)
EM09 - Evacuation and Reentry Management - County EOCs (3 of 3)
MC10 - Maintenance and Construction Activity Coordination - Counties and Cities (1 of 4)
Mapping: Emergency Management
Transit Management