FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Element: All Aboard Florida Rail Operations

Description: Represents the future rail operations center for All Aboard Florida.
Status: Planned
Stakeholder: All Aboard Florida
Functional Areas:
(Linked to Functional Requirements)

ITS elements that are mapped only to terminators do not have ITS functional requirements allocated to them.


All Aboard Florida Vehicles
County Sheriff Dispatch
Financial Institutions
Florida 511
Local Agency Traveler Information System
Local Police Dispatch
LYNX On-Demand Transit Management
LYNX Transportation Center
LYNX Virtual Travel Planning Center
Private Travelers Personal Computing Devices
Regional Transit Fare Coordination Network
SunRail Operations Control Center
Transit Kiosks
Transit Stops/Stations Equipment
Service Packages: APTS01 - Transit Vehicle Tracking - All Aboard Florida
APTS02 - Transit Fixed-Route Operations - All Aboard Florida
APTS04 - Transit Fare Collection Management - Regional Transit Fare Coordination Network
APTS04 - Transit Fare Collection Management - All Aboard Florida
APTS05 - Transit Security - All Aboard Florida
APTS06 - Transit Fleet Management - All Aboard Florida
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - SunRail
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - LYNX On-Demand Transit Management
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - LYNX Operations Center
APTS08 - Transit Traveler Information - All Aboard Florida
APTS10 - Transit Passenger Counting - All Aboard Florida
ATIS01 - Broadcast Traveler Information - Florida 511 / Private ISPs (2 of 3)
ATIS02 - Interactive Traveler Information - Virtual Travel Planning Center (1 of 2)
Mapping: Transit Management
Multimodal Transportation Service Provider