FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Element: County and Local Field Equipment

Description: Generic element representing smaller county and local ITS roadside field equipment not specifically enumerated in other inventory elements. This suggests that these traffic signal systems that are widely scattered through the district should be integrated in a consistent fashion, when circumstances require. ITS field equipment may include traffic signals, vehicle detectors, CCTV cameras, dynamic message signs, etc., to control and monitor traffic.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: County and City Traffic Engineering
Functional Areas:
(Linked to Functional Requirements)

ITS elements that are mapped only to terminators do not have ITS functional requirements allocated to them.


County and City PWD Vehicles
County and City Roadway Maintenance and Construction Systems
County and Local Drawbridge Systems
County and Local Traffic Control Systems
County Fire EMS/Rescue Vehicles
FHP Troop D Dispatch
Local Fire/EMS Vehicles
Local Transit Operators Vehicles
LYNX Transit Vehicles
Railroad Operators Wayside Equipment
Service Packages: APTS09 - Transit Signal Priority - Local Transit Operators
APTS09 - Transit Signal Priority - LYNX (5 of 5)
ATMS01 - Network Surveillance - County and Local Traffic Control Systems
ATMS02 - Traffic Probe Surveillance - Volusia County / County and Local
ATMS03 - Traffic Signal Control - County and Local Traffic Control Systems
ATMS13 - Standard Railroad Grade Crossing - City of Winter Park / Local Traffic Control Systems
ATMS19 - Speed Warning and Enforcement - Counties and Cities
ATMS20 - Drawbridge Management - County and Local Traffic Control Systems
EM02 - Emergency Routing - Counties and Cities
MC03 - Road Weather Data Collection - County and Local Systems
MC08 - Work Zone Management - Counties and Cities (3 of 3)
MC09 - Work Zone Safety Monitoring - Counties and Cities
MC12 - Infrastructure Monitoring - Counties and Cities
Mapping: Roadway