FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Element: FDOT District 5 Field Equipment

Description: Represents the ITS field equipment operated by that is owned and operated by FDOT to manage traffic on state roads and interstates in District 5. This includes vehicle detectors, CCTV cameras, dynamic message signs, road weather information sensors, etc., to control and monitor traffic.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: FDOT District 5
Functional Areas:
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Roadway Basic Surveillance
Roadway Environmental Monitoring
Roadway Traffic Metering
Roadway Short Range Traveler Information Communications
Roadway Intersection Safety Warning
Roadway Probe Data Communications
Roadway Reversible Lanes
Roadway Signal Controls
Roadway Traffic Information Dissemination
Standard Rail Crossing
Roadway Equipment Coordination
Roadway Warning

City of Orlando Traffic Management Center
Commercial Vehicle
FDOT District 5 Construction and Maintenance
FDOT District 5 Maintenance Vehicles
FDOT District 5 RTMC
Service Packages: ATIS09 - In Vehicle Signing - FDOT
ATMS01 - Network Surveillance - FDOT District 5 RTMC
ATMS02 - Traffic Probe Surveillance - FDOT District 5
ATMS03 - Traffic Signal Control - City of Orlando
ATMS03 - Traffic Signal Control - FDOT District 5
ATMS04 - Traffic Metering - FDOT District 5 RTMC
ATMS05 - HOV Lane Management - FDOT District 5 Express Lanes
ATMS06 - Traffic Information Dissemination - FDOT District 5
ATMS09 - Transportation Decision Support and Demand Management - Dynamic Express Lane Tolling
ATMS09 - Transportation Decision Support and Demand Management - FDOT District 5 Integrated Corridor Management
ATMS17 - Regional Parking Management - FDOT CV Parking
ATMS18 - Reversible Lane Management - FDOT District 5 RTMC
ATMS24 - Dynamic Roadway Warning - Connected Vehicle Wrong Way Driving
ATMS24 - Dynamic Roadway Warning - FDOT Wrong-Way Driving
AVSS05 - Intersection Safety Warning - FDOT
AVSS10 - Intersection Collision Avoidance - Seminole County
AVSS12 - Cooperative Vehicle Safety Systems - Commercial Vehicle Platooning
EM10 - Disaster Traveler Information - County Emergency Operations Center
MC03 - Road Weather Data Collection - FDOT District 5
MC08 - Work Zone Management - FDOT District 5
MC09 - Work Zone Safety Monitoring - FDOT District 5
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