FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Element: FDOT Statewide Transportation EOC (TEOC)

Description: FDOT's Statewide Emergency Operations Center located in Tallahassee, which is staffed only during emergencies by representatives of all allied responding agencies.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: FDOT
Functional Areas:
(Linked to Functional Requirements)

ITS elements that are mapped only to terminators do not have ITS functional requirements allocated to them.


County EOCs/Warning Points
FDOT District 5 Emergency Operations Center
Florida Statewide EOC/Warning Point (SEOC)
Service Packages: ATMS08 - Traffic Incident Management System - FDOT Transportation EOC (TM to EM)
EM06 - Wide-Area Alert - County EOCs (2 of 3)
EM07 - Early Warning System - County EOCs (1 of 3)
EM08 - Disaster Response and Recovery - FDOT District 5 EOC
EM09 - Evacuation and Reentry Management - FDOT District 5
Mapping: Emergency Management