FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Functional Requirements: Roadway Intersection Safety Warning

Description: This equipment package includes field elements that monitor vehicles approaching and occupying an intersection and warns drivers when hazardous conditions are detected. It detects impending red-light or stop sign violations and potential conflicts between vehicles occupying and approaching an intersection. When a potentially hazardous condition is detected, a warning is communicated to the approaching vehicles using short range communications or signs/signals in the intersection. For signalized intersections, an interface to the signal controller allows this equipment package to monitor signal status and possibly change or extend the signal phase to reduce the risk of a collision. This equipment package is defined to support a range of implementation options including initial implementations that rely on sensors and intelligence embedded in the intersection to increase safety of a general vehicle population through implementations that communicate with and supplement a vehicle population that is equipped with vehicle-based sensors and short range communications that enable the vehicles to detect and warn their own drivers of hazardous situations.
Functional Requirements:
  1. The field element shall utilize traffic sensors to monitor vehicles approaching and occupying an intersection.
  2. The field element shall monitor the operational state, signal timing, and current phase of the traffic signal.
  3. The field element shall monitor road conditions on approaches to, and within, the intersection.
  4. The field element shall communicate with approaching vehicles to determine vehicle position, velocity, acceleration, direction, and intended turning movement.
  5. The field element shall detect potentially hazardous conditions including impending red-light or stop sign violations and potential conflicts between approaching vehicles.
  6. The field element shall provide intersection status and warnings to approaching vehicles using field-vehicle communications.
  7. The field element shall update signs or signals to warn the driver of potentially hazardous situations.
Included In: FDOT District 5 Field Equipment
Seminole County Field Equipment