FDOT District 5 Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Stakeholder: Private Transit Operators

Most FDOT D5 ITS stakeholders can be associated with one or more ITS elements and ITS Services that make up the FDOT D5 regional transportation system. The table below contains the stakeholder description followed by the ITS Elements and ITS Services associated with the stakeholder.

Description: Owner/operators of bus services, including private long-distance bus service, private shuttle services, and demand-responsive bus services
Elements Inter-City Bus Service
Service Packages AD2 - ITS Data Warehouse - Local Archives (1 of 2)
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - LYNX Operations Center
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - VOTRAN Transit Dispatch
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - SCAT Transit
APTS07 - Multi-modal Coordination - Local Transit Operators
APTS11 - Multimodal Connection Protection - LYNX
EM07 - Early Warning System - County EOCs (3 of 3)