FTE Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Element: Florida Statewide EOC/Warning Point (SEOC)

Description: The state emergency operations center, located in Tallahassee that provides central command and control during major emergencies in the state of Florida. Serves as an information clearinghouse for disaster-related information. Includes a regional database containing the evacuation routes for the regional area. Includes basic primary and secondary route information.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: Florida Division of Emergency Management
Functional Areas:
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Emergency Response Management
Emergency Environmental Monitoring
Center Secure Area Surveillance
Incident Command
Emergency Evacuation Support
Emergency Early Warning System
Center Secure Area Sensor Management

County EOCs/Warning Points
FHP Lake Worth Regional Communications Center
Florida State Incident and Mutual Aid Network
FTE Maintenance Facilities
Service Packages: EM01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch - Florida Statewide Incident and Mutual Aid Network (EM to Other EM)
EM06 - Wide-Area Alert - Florida Turnpike EOC (General Alerts)
EM07 - Early Warning System - Florida Turnpike EOC (1 of 2)
EM08 - Disaster Response and Recovery - Florida Turnpike EOC (1 of 2)
EM09 - Evacuation and Reentry Management - Florida Turnpike EOC (1 of 2)
Mapping: Emergency Management