FTE Regional ITS Architecture (Final)

Stakeholder: FDOT Central Office of Information Services

Most FTE ITS stakeholders can be associated with one or more ITS elements and ITS Services that make up the FTE regional transportation system. The table below contains the stakeholder description followed by the ITS Elements and ITS Services associated with the stakeholder.

Description: The Office of Information Systems (OIS) is a division level organization within the Department of Transportation. The Chief Information Officer serves as the director of OIS. The primary functions of the OIS are to provide FDOT with a functional, statewide information processing and communications network, provide technical support for the Department's integrated office automation systems; provide staff controls for all statutory requirements of information resources in the area of procurement, security and finance; and manage all computer-based administrative and managerial data processing information. It is the mission of the Office of Information Systems to meet the requirements of customers who use computer-generated information by providing and supporting technology, systems, and services that are reliable, available, and protected.
Elements FDOT Statewide OIS Enterprise Databases
Service Packages AD3 - ITS Virtual Data Warehouse - FDOT Statistics and Planning Office