Florida Statewide ITS Architecture (Final)


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The Regional ITS Architecture provides a starting point for project definition. It provides an overall framework that shows how anticipated projects will integrate with each other and with existing systems. This page lists all the ITS projects that have been mapped to the regional ITS architecture.

Short term projects are scheduled for the next 5 years. Medium term projects are scheduled for between 5 - 10 years. Long term projects are scheduled for more than 10 years.

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Project Name Project Status Timeframe Project Description
FDOT ATMS Software Enhancement Planned Medium Coordinate changes/enhancements to the SunGuide Software that help improve the safety and efficiency of Florida's surface transportation system.
FDOT Connected Commercial Vehicle Platooning Planned Medium This project would create a commercial vehicle platooning pilot project. In this scenario, platooning could be accomplished by vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication, or the V2V communication could operate within established platooning parameters communicated via roadside equipment. Parameters could include speed, gaps or headways, or checkin and checkout instructions.
FDOT Connected Vehicle Wrong-Way Driving Planned Medium This project would detect wrong-way drivers through information broadcast to and from connected vehicles. In addition, other drivers upstream could be notified through in-vehicle signage.
FDOT ITS Archiving Enhancements Planned Medium This project will enhance FDOT's ITS archiving capabilities, including archiving incident information, detector data of all types, and potentially Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) data.
SunGuide ATMS Integration Planned Medium This project would integrate local Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) with SunGuide.
Commercial Vehicle Origin/Destination Data Collection Planned Short This project would collect anonymized commercial vehicle information to gather origin and destination probe data from FDOT CV wayside stations.
FDOT Central Maintenance One Stop Permitting System Planned Short The FDOT Central Maintenace One Stop Permitting System is an interface that allows maintenance contractors to electronically submit permits. Currently, this system is for utilities only. In the near future, all maintenance and constructions permits will be submitted through this system, including lane closures and landscaping permits. In the near future, this system will interface with SunGuide where appropriate.
FDOT CV Container Theft Check Planned Short This project would scan container numbers on commercial vehicles and determine whether any containers have been reported missing. Violations would be sent to the FHP CV unit.
FDOT CV Infrared Brake Check System Planned Short This project will use infrared sensors to check the brakes of commercial vehicles. The system will inform FDOT and FHP CV Officers about whether brakes are bad, sticking, or not working properly, or whether tires are underinflated. The information would be sent to the FHP CV officers, who could then pull a truck over. This system will also speed up the inspection process by telling FHP officers exactly what to check on CVs.
FDOT CV Parking System Planned Short This project would combine sensors deployed by FDOT with private parking system providers to determine which parking lots for commercial vehicles have spaces. The information would be pushed downstream via DMS, FL511 and the FL 511 app.
FDOT Lane Closure Information Planned Short This project would collect planned and current lane closure information and warn motorists, as well as allied agencies, of current and impending lane closures.
FDOT Wrong-Way Driving Planned Short This project would install sensors to detect wrong way drivers. Once detected, a sign would warn wrong-way drivers, as well as potentially other drivers upstream. Detection of a wrong-way driver would additionally trigger an alarm to law enforcement personnel.
FL511 Planned Short FL511 is a traveler information system that shall deliver accurate and reliable traveler information seamlessly to the public through a 511 IVR telephone service, a 511 web site (www.fl511.com), a third-party data feed, personalized services, and Smartphone applications as well as any other dissemination components that may be presented. These components will be considered the core functions of the FL511 system to deliver travel information to the traveling public on Florida's transportation systems.
Private Sector Probe Data Planned Short This project would integrate additional private sector provided probe data into SunGuide.