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Status: Planned

Description: The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) Electric Automated Vehicles (EAV) are vehicles in an automated vehicle system to be implemented in four major phases. Phase 1 is the Bay Street Innovation Corridor from Adams Street to Gator Bowl Boulevard and will deploy 15 electric automated vehicles (EAV). Automation Avenue will convert existing Skyway from the Operations Center to the JRTC/Convention Center station to a test track for EAVs. Phase 3 includes conversion of the existing Skyway superstructure to an EAV system with ramps to at–grade streets and local neighborhood service in San Marco, Riverside and Springfield. Phase 4 proposes to construct a new bridge over the St. Johns River to complete a loop for the U2C service and provide a pedestrian bridge between the Sports Center and the Southbank Riverwalk.

Stakeholder: Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Systems Interconnected
with the JTA U2C EAV

Architecture Flow Diagrams
which include JTA U2C EAV:

Architecture Flows
to/from the JTA U2C EAV:

JTA U2C EAV flows into icon FDOT SCMS JTA U2C EAV flows into icon JTA U2C Management System JTA U2C EAV flows into icon Private Travelers Personal Computing Devices FDOT SCMSflows into iconJTA U2C EAV JTA U2C Management Systemflows into iconJTA U2C EAV Private Travelers Personal Computing Devicesflows into iconJTA U2C EAV

National ITS Architecture Subsystems
mapped to the JTA U2C EAV:

National ITS Architecture Services
associated with JTA U2C EAV:

Last Updated 5/24/2024