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SU08: Security and Credentials Management (JTA U2C)

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This service package is used to ensure trusted communications between mobile devices and other mobile devices or roadside devices and protect data they handle from unauthorized access. The service package grants trust credentials to qualified mobile devices and infrastructure devices in the Connected Vehicle Environment so that those devices may be considered trusted by other devices that receive trust credentials from the SCM service package. The service package allows credentials to be requested and revoked and secures the exchange of trust credentials between parties, so that no other party can intercept and use those credentials illegitimately. The service package provides security to the transmissions between connected devices, ensuring authenticity and integrity of the transmissions. Additional security features include privacy protection, authorization and privilege class definition, as well as non-repudiation of origin.

Elements Associated with Security and Credentials Management (JTA U2C)

Last Updated 5/24/2024