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ITS Services

ITS User Services describe what functions ITS perform from the user's perspective. The National ITS Architecture defines Service Packages that "bundle" multiple ITS Elements to address specific transportation management services, such as surface street control or traveler information.

An ITS Service Package is not in and of itself, an ITS project. Instead, Service Packages are the "building blocks" of ITS, and a specific ITS project may include multiple Service Packages that provide multiple interrelated functions. For example, a transit ITS project designed to improve service efficiency may include Service Packages for vehicle tracking, fixed-route schedule management, and automated passenger counting.

Stakeholders can use services to better understand the integration necessary to address transportation needs. Selecting a service from the list on the Services tab provides a description of the service and a list of the elements involved in the service for its delivery in the context of the SITSA. A service diagram provides a complete view of the service. Stakeholders exploring the services can find the services meeting their needs for future project definition. Additional services can be defined using the Regional Architecture Development for Intelligent Transportation (RAD-IT) and those services can be integrated into the SITSA during a future maintenance update. When defining a project, a stakeholder should use the services in the SITSA or a new service defined with the RAD-IT software to define the services a project will deliver to meet specific needs.

In the update to the National ITS Architecture, several changes to the organization and structure of Service Packages were implemented. Many Service Packages remained largely the same. Some of the old Service Packages were eliminated. Some new Service Packages were introduced. Some of the old Service Packages were combined into new, or other Service Packages. And some of the old Service Packages were split into multiple new Service packages. The most significant changes occurred in the Vehicle Safety Service Packages, due to the incorporation of the CVRIA into the larger National ITS Architecture. If you would like to see a mapping between the old and new Service Packages, please Click Here to access the Service Package to CVRIA 2.2 Heritage webpage.

Service Packages specific to each Florida ITS project are listed on the ITS Project pages.

The following is a list of the Service Packages defined in the Florida Statewide ITS Architecture, including Service Package "instances" that are versions of Service Packages specific to an ITS project or stakeholder.

CVO03 - Electronic Clearance

CVO04 - CV Administrative Processes

CVO05 - Commercial Vehicle Parking

CVO07 - Roadside CVO Safety

DM01 - ITS Data Warehouse

DM02 - Performance Monitoring

MC08 - Maintenance and Construction Activity Coordination

PM05 - Parking Reservations

PS01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch

PS10 - Wide-Area Alert

PS12 - Disaster Response and Recovery

PS13 - Evacuation and Reentry Management

SU02 - Core Authorization

SU04 - Map Management

SU08 - Security and Credentials Management

TI01 - Broadcast Traveler Information

TI02 - Personalized Traveler Information

TI07 - In-Vehicle Signage

TM02 - Vehicle-Based Traffic Surveillance

TM06 - Traffic Information Dissemination

TM07 - Regional Traffic Management

TM11 - Road Use Charging

VS02 - V2V Basic Safety

VS03 - Situational Awareness

VS16 - Automated Vehicle Operations

Last Updated 3/22/2022