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US: TMDD - NTCIP Messaging


This solution is used within the U.S.. It combines standards associated with US: TMDD with those for C-C: NTCIP Messaging. The US: TMDD standards include upper-layer standards required to implement center-to-center communications with traffic management systems. The C-C: NTCIP Messaging standards include lower-layer standards that support partially secure communications between two centers as commonly used in the US.

Comm Profile: C-C: NTCIP Messaging

Standards in Profile:

Data Profile: US: TMDD

Standards in Profile:

Readiness Description:

Two significant or one significant and several minor issues. For existing deployments, the chosen solution is likely deficient in security or management capabilities and the issues should be reviewed and upgrades developed as needed. For new deployments, the solution may be viable for pilots when applied to the triples it supports; such pilot deployments should consider a path to addressing these issues as a part of their design activities. The solution does not provide sufficient interoperability, management, and security to enable proper, full-scale deployment without additional work.

Last Updated 3/23/2022