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(None-Data) - WAVE WSMP


This solution is used within the U.S.. It combines standards associated with (None-Data) with those for V-X: WAVE WSMP. The (None-Data) standards include an unspecified set of standards at the upper layers. The V-X: WAVE WSMP standards include lower-layer standards that support connectionless, near constant, ultra-low latency vehicle-to-any communications within ~300m using the WAVE Short Messaging Protocol (WSMP) over IEEE WAVE in the 5.9GHz spectrum. The broadcast mode is interoperable with M5 FNTP.

Comm Profile: V-X: WAVE WSMP

Standards in Profile:

Data Profile: (None-Data)

Standards in Profile:

Readiness Description:

Many serious issues. This category includes solutions that have not been standardized, or do not have a basic level of interoperability or security. Consider selecting a different communications solution or if this is not possible (eg. a pilot of a new application that has not been standardized), take additional measures to provide an acceptable level of security or interoperability.

Last Updated 3/23/2022