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US: NTCIP Video Switches - SNMPv3/TLS


This solution is used within the U.S.. It combines standards associated with US: NTCIP Video Switches with those for I-F: SNMPv3/TLS. The US: NTCIP Video Switches standards include upper-layer standards required to implement center-to-field video switch communications. The I-F: SNMPv3/TLS standards include lower-layer standards that support secure center-to-field and field-to-field communications using simple network management protocol (SNMPv3); implementations are strongly encouraged to use the TLS for SNMP security option for this solution to ensure adequate security.

Comm Profile: I-F: SNMPv3/TLS

Standards in Profile:

Data Profile: US: NTCIP Video Switches

Standards in Profile:

Readiness Description:

One significant or possibly a couple minor issues. For existing deployments, the chosen solution likely has identified security or management issues not addressed by the communications solution. Deployers should consider additional security measures, such as communications link and physical security as part of these solutions. They should also review the management issues to see if they are relevant to their deployment and would require mitigation. For new deployments, the deployment efforts should consider a path to addressing these issues as a part of their design activities. The solution does not by itself provide a fully secure implementation without additional work.

Last Updated 4/19/2024