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CAV Authorizing Center

Status: Planned

Description: The Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) Authorizing Center provides the functionality needed to enable data exchange between and among mobile and fixed transportation users. Its primary mission is to enable safety, mobility and environmental communications—based applications for both mobile and non—mobile users. The CAV Authorizing Center has some jurisdiction over limited access resources; typically this includes roadside application access and radio spectrum licensing. It may be implemented as an autonomous center or as a set of supporting services that are co—located within another center. This object is generally defined and will be refined as needed.

Stakeholder: FDOT CO

Systems Interconnected
with the CAV Authorizing Center

Architecture Flow Diagrams
which include CAV Authorizing Center:

Architecture Flows
to/from the CAV Authorizing Center:


National ITS Architecture Subsystems
mapped to the CAV Authorizing Center:

National ITS Architecture Services
associated with CAV Authorizing Center:

Last Updated 3/23/2022