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FDOT District 5 Bridge Security Surveillance System

Project Description: The bridge security surveillance system would detect,track and record potential threats to the St John River Bridge bridge structure in addition to providing real–time intrusion and threat alerts to the FDOT D5 Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC) using infrared detection technology.

Project Status: Planned

Project Stakeholders:
Project Inventory:

Project Service Packages: Project Information Flows:

Information Flow Source Element Destination Element Status
secure area surveillance control FDOT District 5 RTMC FDOT District 5 Infrastructure Monitoring Equipment Planned
secure area surveillance data FDOT District 5 Infrastructure Monitoring Equipment FDOT District 5 RTMC Planned
threat information coordination FDOT District 5 RTMC Local Police Dispatch Planned

Project Functional Requirements (Element - Functional Object):


Project Operational Concepts:

Last Updated 4/19/2024