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Agreements among the different stakeholder agencies and organizations in the District 1 Regional ITS Architecture (RITSA) to support operations and maintenance as well as project interoperability in the District 1 RITSA are identified in the list of agreements below. These agreements represent the need for cooperation between stakeholders.

The focus of agreements is usually on the scope-of-service and specific agency responsibilities for various components of the service, rather than on particular technologies. For example, agreements should describe the information that each agency needs to exchange in order to meet the operational goals and expectations of the other rather than defining how the delivery of that information will occur.

Below is a list of the agreements categorized by ITS service area. The list was developed based on operations and maintenance needs of stakeholders, the regional roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, knowledge of the types of existing or planned ITS projects for implementation in the region, and the information that will be exchanged in order to operate the applicable systems.

Last Updated 4/18/2024