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ITS Projects

The District 1 Regional ITS Architecture's (RITSA) ongoing, planned and future ITS projects are described in terms of their Architecture components. When multiple projects are largely similar in nature (from an ITS architecture perspective) — with similar system features and functionality — it is accepted practice to consolidate multiple projects into a single "generic" project. Some of the projects in the list below are "generic" projects that may represent more than one actual project. This reduces unnecessary repetition and complexity in the architecture.

Each project listed below has a webpage that provides the information needed to verify its compliance with regional, state and federal ITS requirements, including:

The projects listed here have been defined using District 1 RITSA elements and services to provide insight into how the project associates with the larger RITSA context. Stakeholders can explore the project to better understand what the projects will include and how the elements are integrated to address the needs of the project. Stakeholders can use the Regional Architecture Development for Intelligent Transportation (RAD-IT) software tool to define new projects using the RITSA content as a reference. Information about RAD-IT and how it can be used to define ITS projects is provided on the Resources tab.

Project Architectures

Relationships between Projects

The following project relationships or interdependencies are identified and will be considered during project development:

Last Updated 4/18/2024