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The following resources provide more information and reference materials regarding the Florida's District 1 Regional ITS Architecture (RITSA) and the content on this website.

  • District 1 RITSA Update Report: The District 1 RITSA Update Report documents the changes made to the District 1 RITSA to address change requests submitted by stakeholders documented in the Architecture Maintenance Log.

  • District 1 RITSA RAD-IT Database: The District 1 RITSA Regional Architecture Development for Intelligent Transportation (RAD-IT) database is available for download. This database requires the RAD-IT software in order to use the District 1 RITSA content. The RAD-IT software is available at the Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) website (www.arc-it.net).

  • Architecture Maintenance Log: The Architecture Maintenance Log documents the change requests for each architecture. A link to the Architecture Maintenance Log is provided on the Florida Architecture Website Homepage.

  • ITS Architecture Change Request Form: Use ITS Architecture Change Request Form to submit any architecture changes that need to be made. Follow the instructions on the form for submittal.

  • Planning References: The following plans are provided as references in support of the RITSA content.

  • ITS Architecture and Tool Training Materials
  • Archived Architecture Update Reports

  • Last Updated 4/18/2024